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Stock Show at Mansfield

Saturday 27 April was the day for our Stock Show at Mansfield which attracted an entry of 9 Thrianta from 4 members.

Judged by Geoff Boot, the Best in Show was awarded to a very good Adult Buck from Manikin Stud (Dorothy Bothamley).

A well deserved result and congratulations to Dorothy.


Adult Buck 1st  Manikin Stud 
  2nd Greywil Stud 
  3rd  Greywil Stud
  4th Evelyn Bowes
  5th Greywil Stud
Adult Doe 1st Greywil Stud
  2nd Evelyn Bowes
Grand Challange 1st Manikin Stud (1st Buck)
  2nd Greywil Stud (1st Doe)
  3rd Greywil Stud  (2nd Buck)
man 1 Bulletin man 3 Bulletin man 5 Bulletin
Judge Geoff Boot  Adult Buck Class Best in Show