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titel Bradford 2018

The Bradford Championship Show was held on the 20th-21st January 2018.
5 club members entered 12 Thrianta. 10 entered in the 5* Show and 2 in the 3* Show.

5* Show
Buck class

1st and Best of Breed, Greywil Stud
2nd, Bob Marsden
3rd, Louise Twinberrow

Doe class

1st, Greywil Stud
2nd, Joanne Carter
3rd, Greywil Stud

Alyssa Parsons
3* Show 
(under 5 month)

1st, Alyssa Parsons
2nd, Joanne Carter

Bradford 2018 Best of Breed, Greywil Stud
Bradford 2018 1 Bradford 2018 4 Bradford 2018 2 Bradford 2018 3
Neil Bircumshaw judging the 5* Show Thrianta Thriantas in the 5* Show Best of Breed Thrianta 5* Show
Bradford 2018 7 Bradford 2018 6 Bradford 2018 5
    Thrianta UK Stand

For more general information and photos of the Bradford Show see their Facebook page.