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Articles of Constitution

Issue 10 October 2016 

Constitution of the Thrianta UK rabbit club

1. Name

The club shall be called ‘Thrianta UK‘

2. Objectives

The objectives of the Club shall be;

a. To promote and encourage the keeping of the Thrianta rabbit including its breeding, improvement, exhibition and cooperation between enthusiasts.
b. To assist all persons interested in keeping, breeding and exhibiting the Thrianta rabbit.
c. To promote such shows and exhibitions as the Committee shall from time to time decide.
d. To promote, protect and advance the interest of all its members.

3. Standard

The Club shall recognise the standard published by the British Rabbit Council and shall recommend to, and co-operate with the Breed Standards Committee of the BRC in formulation of, any changes required thereto.

4. Affiliation to the BRC

The Club shall Affiliate to the British Rabbit Council and all Club shows will be held under BRC rules.

5. Membership

a. Membership of the Club shall be open to all persons, no matter where resident, though the Committee may in its absolute discretion refuse any initial application for membership without assigning a reason therefore.
  The Club shall consist of members paying an annual subscription, alterations to which shall only be made by an Annual (or Special) General Meeting.
b. Subscriptions are due on the 1st January in each year.
c. Members failing to renew membership within any year by 31 May in any one year will be deemed to have resigned their membership.
d. New subscriptions received after 31st October in any year will count as a subscription for the following year.
e. Any member resigning or being suspended or expelled from the Club shall forfeit all claims to the property and assets of the Club.

6. Management

a. The Management of the Club shall be in the hands of the Committee consisting of 5 members together with the officers. 4 persons shall form a quorum.
b. The Officers of the Club shall consist of President, Chairman, Secretary/and Treasurer all of whom shall be, by virtue of holding another office, members of the Committee.
c. The Committee shall have powers to co-opt any person (such person having the right to vote) and to fill any vacancy occurring, save that should a vacancy occur during any year for which a ballot has been held, the next person in the voting shall be declared elected.
d. Elections shall be held biennially for all Officers, Members of the Committee and Judges, by postal ballot. New nominations for all offices, signed by two full members of the Club, must be sent to the Secretary accompanied by the written consent of the nominee, by the 22 October each ballot year. A minimum of 28 days notice requesting nominations shall be given by notice published in the ‘Fancy Press’.
e. All current Officers, Committee members and Judges shall be automatically nominated for re-election and their names will appear on the ballot paper unless they notify the Secretary by the published closing date that they do not wish to stand for re-election.
f. The Committee shall appoint a Scutineer, who must not be a member of the Club. The Secretary shall despatch ballot papers to all adult paid up members of the Club.
g. The Committee shall make a recommendation to the AGM for the appointment of an Auditor, who shall be responsible to the AGM for auditing the accounts annually.
h. All persons elected in the ballot shall hold office for 2 years commencing on the 1st of January following the ballot.

7. Chairman

a. The Club Chairman shall take the Chair at all meetings apart from the AGM or a SGM, at which they will act as Chairman in the absence of the President.
b. The Chairman shall have a casting vote only.
c. In the absence of the Club Chairman, a Chairman shall be elected from those present to act for that meeting only.

8. Secretary

a.  The Secretary (who may also be appointed Treasurer) shall attend and keep correct minutes of all meetings and generally be responsible to the Committee for the administration of the activities of the Club.
b. In the absence of any instruction from the Committee in meeting the Secretary shall act in accordance with instructions from the Chairman.

9. Treasurer

a.  The Treasurer shall be responsible for all monies of the Club and shall maintain a bank account. Withdrawals from which will require two signatures, one being that of the Treasurer. Signatories shall not be related.
b. A statement of the financial situation of the Club shall be presented to the Committee for such periods and or at such times as the Committee shall, from time to time decide. The Treasurer shall prepare, with the co-operation of the Auditor, the balance sheet and an Income and Expenditure Account showing the financial status of the Club on the 31st December of each year, which accounts shall have been audited by the appointed Auditor.

10. Judges Panel(s)

a. The Club shall have a Judges Panel of 15. The Panel shall be elected in the biennial ballot. 
b.  Panel Judges are required to be members of the Club.
c.  The Club, in addition to its own Judges Panel, shall accept for the purpose of championship claims, those judges listed on the BRC 3 star fancy panel judges list.
d.  Club stock shows shall, in the first instance, be judged by a club judge. Where this is not achievable the Committee shall make reference to the BRC 3 star fancy panel judges list.

11. Club Championships

Supreme Championship Award

Upon application by its owner and payment of the current registration fee as shall be from time to time determined by the Committee, an exhibit which has won 10 C.C.s under at least 5 different club panel/approved judges at Club Stock Shows or BRC 5 and 6 Star Shows shall be awarded a Supreme Championship Certificate.

Grand Championship Award

Upon application by its owner and payment of the current registration fee as shall be from time to time determined by the Committee, an exhibit which has won 5 C.C.s under at least 3 different panel/approved judges at Club Stock Shows or BRC 5 and 6 Star Shows shall be awarded a Grand Championship Certificate.

Championship Award

Upon application by its owner and payment of the current registration fee as shall be from time to time determined by the Committee, an exhibit which satisfies the following criteria shall be awarded a Championship Certificate.

1. Has won 5 C.C.s under 3 different panel/approved judges.
2. Only two C.C.s awarded under 5 months may be included.

12. Annual General Meeting

a. The Annual General Meeting (AGM) shall be held on a date and at a place to be decided by the Committee to;
1. Receive the reports of the Officers and the accounts for the previous year.
2. To make any changes, additions or deletions, in the Articles and Constitution, which must be passed by two-thirds of those present entitled to vote and voting.
3. Appoint an Auditor.
4. Make recommendations as to Club shows to be held the following year.
b. Proposals for items to be included on the Agenda of the AGM must be in the hands of the Secretary at least 28 days prior to the AGM. Notice of the AGM and a request for proposals shall be published in the ‘Fancy Press’. The Secretary shall make available to members, upon request, the full Agenda 14 days prior to the meeting. Only proposals detailed on the Agenda shall be voted upon.
c. The quorum for all General Meetings of members shall be 8 paid up members.

13. Special General Meetings

a. A Special General Meeting (SGM) shall be called by the Secretary at the request of the Committee or on the receipt of a written request of one-third of the paid up Adult Membership.
b. A minimum of 21 days notice shall be given to all members of the Club with full details of matters to be discussed. Publication in the Fancy Press 21 or more days prior to the meeting shall constitute due notice. Only such matters as are so notified shall be discussed and voted on at the SGM.

14. Disciplinary Power

The Committee shall have the power to deal with minor disciplinary matters, provided always that the defendant is given the fullest opportunity to defend himself or herself in front of the Committee. All charges of a serious nature will be reported to the BRC Investigation Committee.

15. Dissolution

The Club may only be dissolved on the agreement of two-thirds of its members present and voting at a Special General Meeting especially convened for the purpose. Any funds and other assets of the Club, on the decision of the SGM will be divided into equal amounts and distributed amongst all the members.

16. Matters not provided for in these rules.

Any matters not provided for in these rules shall be dealt with by the Committee whose decision will be final but subject to an appeal to a General Meeting.

Amended 8 December 2011, Clauses 3, 6b), 6d) and 7c).

Amended 12 October 2014, Clauses 6f) and 11.

Amended 10 October 2016, Clauses 10a) and 15.

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